This was the 1st National Congress on

Blockchain Technology in the Real Estate Sector

April 23, Alicante

Real Estate Advisor Expert in Cryptoactives

With your degree you will achieve, among many others:

  • A solid foundation on Cryptoactives to deal with these new clients
  • How to access the new CryptoInversores market
  • The procedure for buying and selling properties through Cryptocurrencies
  • How to tokenize rental contracts of your current clients
  • How to invest in property tokenization

Upcoming Training Programs

We will inform you shortly of the next dates.

Get the most out of this new market

Increase your sales:

    -Close more exclusives

    -Attract more potential clients

    -Get greater benefits

    -Increase the performance of your team

    -Find excellence in your marketing

New Technology:

    -A solid foundation on Blockchain technology and Cryptoassets

    -How to access the new CriptoInversores market

More Operations:

    -The procedure for buying and selling properties through Cryptocurrencies

    -How to check the legal origin of Crypto

    funds -Detect scams

    -Accept payments with cryptocurrencies and receive euros.

More Benefits:

    -Invert and tokenize properties

    -Invest and tokenize rentals

    -Sale of properties such as shares on Blockchain

    -The real estate sector as an investment asset

More Sales:

    -Achieve excellence in real estate advice

    -Emotions that make properties sell

    -Keys to commercial intelligence

    -Management of high performance teams

New Marketing:

    -Cryptomarketing for real estate skeptics

    -Automated potential customer acquisition

    -Customer acquisition through events

VB Space Room

    2 days: - Thursday, 11:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (Including Lunch and Networking Lunch)

    - Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (Including Networking Lunch and Cocktail)

During the program:

    - 100% practical training

    - Presentations by the InmoCrypto

    Team - Presentations by CEOs of the main Blockchain companies

    - 1st level networking with speakers and attendees

    - Title of 'Real Estate Advisor Expert in Blockchain Technology and Cryptoactives' endorsed by InmoCrypto

    - 'CryptoFriendly Real Estate' seal endorsed by InmoCrypto

After the program:

    - Online access to all presentations

    - Mentoring for start-up

    - Masterclass with the main new features

    - Exclusive WhatsApp group: speakers, CEOs, attendees

    - 25% discount on upcoming training programs

-995€ (IVA Include)


Team of Trainers

Jaime Espinosa

Co-founder of InmoCrypto and CEO of Grupo SECOES

Luis Gimeno

Co-founder and CEO of InmoCrypto

Juan Carlos Soler

Co-founder of InmoCrypto and CEO of Emocionate

Manuel Sola

Executive Manager of TeleElx and Puntal Comunicaciones

Luis Rodríguez Soler

CEO of ComplianZen

Carla Castelló

CBO of Reental

Gabriela Roberto

CEO of Nash21

Rafael del Castillo

CEO of Stocken Capital

Virginia García Trevijano

CNMV lawyer on leave. Partner and founder of Abbaco Markets

Joaquín La Madrid

CBO of CriptoLab

Eva Arias

CEO of BeLead

Miguel Ángel Sepúlveda

CEO of CriptoServicios

Eduardo Goig

CEO and Fundador of Qubit Legal

María José Franco

European Financial Advisor

Juan Emilio Albaladejo

Coach empresarial

Bea Ibáñez

Head of Congresses at Puntal Comunicación





Enrique Aznar

Aznar Legal & Compliance, Madrid.


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